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10/16/12- I’m excited to announce that I am now the new jazz band director at Highland Middle School in Louisville!!!!

10/11/12- Dig This!

5/29/12- Exciting news!!  Starting June 13th I will be hosting a weekly jazz jam session at the Rudyard Kipling in Old Louisville.  The jam sessions will be held every Wednesday starting at 8pm.  Here is the official flyer:

4/12/12- I just posted a new article on my blog about my new horn.  It features brand new videos from gigs and a new audio recording of a new original tune of mine.  You can check it out by clicking  here: NEW BLOG AND MORE!!!!

2/28/12 - I Just added 2 new videos to the site and four live recordings from 2008 that I dug up from the archives, check them out if you’ve got a second.

2/25/12 - I am happy to announce that I am now the new trumpet instructor at Butler High School in Louisville.  I can’t wait to get started working  with these great young trumpet students!!!!

1/31/12 - Check it out, I am now a CEntrance endorsing artist!

Click Here to visit my page on the CEntrance website. 

10/29/11 - I just uploaded some new audio clips from the studio (Dynamica Determinada, Na Zdorvie, A New Ideal) and also 3 non-studio clips (Fried bananas, Beatrice and Joy Spring ’07) I also posted 2 new Youtube clips, Stella w/ a twist is just a little trio jam and the other is Roy Hargrove’s tune Crazy Race with the group Black Tie Syndicate.  Thanks for checking them out!!!!

10/7/11 - I got a new toy recently (a Zoom Q3HD Recorder) and decided to try it out on a recent trio gig at the St James Art Fair.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted any new videos, and with my new Zoom I intend to change that.  Please click the video to watch my new clips in HD!   


8/19/11 - I just wanted to share some exciting news!  This school year I have been hired as the trumpet instructor by both Western Middle School AND Spencer County Middle School.  I will be visiting each school on a weekly basis assisting with trumpet lessons/sectionals and jazz band instruction.  I can’t wait to get started working with the kids!  

8/18/11 - I just put up a new Blog post about my SPECIAL

new flugel mouthpiece!  CLICK HERE to read the entry to

find out what makes it so unique and special 

8/8/11 - I just put up a new transcription of Alex Sipiagin playing “Pent-Up House” along with another video of me playing (or should I say attempting to play) the solo.   Thanks for taking the time to listen!!

8/6/11 -  I am excited to announce that I just became the newest board member of the Louisville Jazz Society.  Visit their website HERE to find out more about this great organization. 

7/20/11 -  I just added another short blog entry about  this years Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops.  check it out here!

6/30/11 -  I just added another short blog entry about  private lessons with the great Russian trumpeter Alex Sipiagin.  check it out here!

6/28/11 -  It’s been a long time since I’ve added anything to the site, so I am going to try to do better in the months to come (although during the next 2 weeks I will be working the Aebersold Camp and probably won’t have much time for website updating).  I recently added a new sound clip recorded on my last gig at Studio Pizza (titled “SP Medly”), I also added a very short new blog entry about my new mouthpiece. In addition to these I also made a few other  minute changes to the site so please feel free to browse around and check out the updates.  As usual, enjoy the site and thanks so much for visiting!!!

5/26/11 - After an AMAZING 8 months of playing every Friday at Studio Pizza, my trio and I were just informed that because of the economy and slow business the restaurant will be ceasing all live music for the time being.  I would just like to say THANK YOU to SP for the great opportunity they blessed us with and I wish them the best of luck with their business in these tough times.     

12/22/10 -  I just added a new Joe Magnarelli transcription to the site.  It’s a partial solo on the tune “Ladybird” from a youtube video. Enjoy!

10/24/10 - I just added a new Scott Wendholt transcription to the site.  The solo is from a great Vincent Herring album called Don’t Let It Go.  The tune is called “Big Bertha” by Duke Pearson.  Enjoy and please keep checking back!

10/12/10 - My trio featuring Alim Nastaev (from Russia) on guitar and Pablo Souza (from Brazil) on bass will now be playing EVERY FRIDAY from 6:30 to 8:30 (or later) at Studio Pizza in Clarksville, Indiana.  It’s a very cool venue with great pizza so please come check us out if you are in the area.  


8/12/10 - It’s been a while since I’ve done any updates for the site but I finally got around to updating the Itinerary (as it stands right now) for the rest of the year    

5/31/10 - I just put up new transcription of Alex Sipiagin playing Room 28 from his album Steppin’ Zone along with another video of me attempting to play the solo.   Thanks for taking the time to listen!!

5/30/10 - I just put up a new transcription of Alex Sipiagin playing “The Way You Look Tonight” from Larry Schneider’s album called Ali Girl.  I also put a video of myself playing the transcription.  Thanks for taking the time to check it out!!

5/19/10 - I just put up a new transcription of Woody Shaw’s solo on “Have You Met Miss Jones?” from Kenny Garrett’s first album called Introducing Kenny Garrett.  Enjoy.

5/9/10 - I just put up a new blog entry with a short video from inside the studio of Mixolegion’s debut recording session, plus photos from the session.  Please take the time to check it out.  There is a lot more coming in regards to this recording so please check back often to follow the progress of the CD.

4/29/10 - I just adde 3 new transcriptions to the site.  John Swana and Joe Magnarelli’s solos from “Eagles” which is a Bird Blues in F from their great double trumpet album called New York/Philly Junction.  I also put up another Swana solo on a tune called “Sid’s Delima” that is based on the changes to “Bernie’s Tune” and comes from his album Philly Gumbo Vol. 2.  Enjoy!

4/21/10 - A group that I play in called Mixolegion (pictured above) will be going into the studio on May 3rd-5th to record our first album.  The album will be made up of all originals from the band members.  We are all really excited about finally documenting some of the music that we have been working on for many months now.  I’ll update info about the recording as it becomes available.

3/24/10 - I just added some new tracks in the “Listen” portion of the site (A New Ideal and Softly As In A Morning Sunrise).  These recordings are from

Saulo DeAlmeida’s Recital with Anderson Pessoa on Sax, Alim Nastaev on Guitar, Saulo DeAlmeida on Bass and Daniel Falter on Drums. More recordings (and a video from a recent gig) are coming so please keep checking back and thanks again for listening.

3/20/10 - I just added some new tracks in the “Listen” portion of the site (Cantaloupe Island, You Don’t Know What Love Is, Diane, and Stablemates).  These recordings are from a jam session with Noah Barker on Piano, Stacey Nash on bass and Zach Kennedy on drums. More recordings are coming so please keep checking back and thanks again for listening.

2/20/10 - The Mixolegion/ Bobby Falk show has been rescheduled for Monday March 22nd at 7:30pm.  Please come check out the show, it will be a very special night! 

2/15/10 - Due to winter weather conditions the show at the Comedy Caravan tonight has been cancelled.  We will reschedule the show soon.  

2/10/10 - I’ll be playing with Mixolegion at the Comedy Caravan on Feb. 15th. We start at 7:30pm and will be followed by the Bobby Falk Group.  Should be a great night of music.  Please come out.